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Buying a Powerful Storage Blast Freezer: What to Know

by Darryl

When you have a business that deals with vast amounts of food, you need a cold storage facility to keep that food fresh for as long as possible. You may need a machine that can easily reach freezing temperatures of -120 degrees Celsius. If you checked these boxes, then the powerful storage blast freezer machine is what you need. Alibaba has quality blast freezers you can never go wrong with. But that does not mean you should buy any storage blast freezer you come across, there are some things you have to weigh, and we will look at that in this article.

When buying a powerful storage blast freezer machine

If you’re starting a venture requiring this freezer and have never bought one before, getting one might be challenging because you do not know where to start. Lucky for you, this article is meant to cater to the factors you need to consider before getting a storage blast freezer:


One of the most critical factors is whether or not the blast freezer meets all the necessary certifications. Because these freezing machines deal with different foods, they must meet all the certification requirements before heading for shipping. Certification allows you to know whether a certain machine meets the standards you want to achieve. It would help if you also considered the papers you’ll need to take care of before shipping.

Type of chilling

Before buying the freezing machine, it’s essential to know what kind of chilling the freezer offers. Some have soft chilling, which slowly brings down the temperatures. Others have hard chilling, much quicker than mild chilling, while some have shock freezing that brings the temperature down further. Some have all these freezing features, while others have two features. Know what features you need before buying.

Energy efficiency

If you’re getting a powerful storage blast freezer machine, it’s probably for your business. Thus it’s essential to know how energy efficient the freezer is before purchase. Due to the device’s rapid freezing feature, they are not particularly energy-efficient. However, this seems to be changing with the advancements in technology. Some freezers no longer consume excessive power like before. Make sure you get the one that has the highest energy saving for lower running costs.

Type of refrigerant

The type of refrigerant determines whether or not the freezer will be efficient. However, the most crucial factor regarding refrigerants is their environmental impact. You should never compromise when it comes to protecting the environment. Make sure that your blast freezer uses environmentally friendly refrigerant.


Since its introduction to the food industry, the powerful storage blast freezer has been restaurants’ must-have for their storage needs. Their quick chilling features and different specifications have made it easy to store different and large amounts of foods. However, before purchasing one, you must know what you want for your business. Additionally, knowing all aspects of a freezer will go a long way in helping you pick the right blast freezer for your business.

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