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Factors Affecting The Cost of Palm Oil EFB Pellet

by Darryl

Buying an EFB Pellet Machine is only one of the numerous processes involved in making a palm oil EFB pellet. We will discuss the other factors that influence the cost of these pellets.

Cost of raw materials

When you want to make any product with a machine, the first cost you will encounter after buying the device is the raw materials. You will need to buy some minor products before making the palm oil efb pellets. When you are considering the cost of the raw materials, ensure you are considering the raw materials that can conveniently continue the pellet production.

Another thing to consider when you are buying the raw material is the amount of water within it. The standard and accepted amount of moisture you can have in your raw material is about 15%. It may be more expensive, but you can only continue when you have the raw materials with a 15% moisture content. You get some raw materials at a reduced price, but they will need drying.

Asset costs

There is no way you will make the palm oil efb pellet with just raw materials and your hands. You will surely need some tools and machines. This is where the actual money spending comes in when you want to make the palm oil efb pellets. Some of the materials needed for the whole process include;

  • The pellet mill for the final pellet processing
  • A cooler to reduce the temperature in the pellet. High temperatures can spoil the pellets.
  • You will need a Sieve to separate the dirt and pellets that are not exactly useful from the mix.
  • A hammer mill is to turn cut wood into smaller sizes like it is powdered before you start making pellets
  • The efb shredder is the first destination of the EFB, and the aim is to cut it into smaller sizes.

Operational and Manpower costs

Many machinery and processes happen when you are trying to make an efb pellet. These processes go on simultaneously, so you need to have more hands-on experience in the job. The first cost will be getting enough space to have all the machines in operation. After that, you will need to have an entire design process for the whole pellet processing. After, you will need to consider the manpower costs of the people who will handle the machine and transport the materials to their destination. Also, plan for Miscellaneous expenses.


The renewable energy industry is one that is constantly innovating and creating new products per second. This industry uses a lot of energy, and the experts are tirelessly looking for ways to use less energy to provide renewable energy for consumption. The palm oil EFB pellet may be a new item coming into the renewable energy industry, but its increasing popularity is worthy of study. This item is becoming very popular in the renewable energy industry, and there is a lot of focus on it. The cost is very important when it comes to renewable energy provisions, but in the end, any renewable energy will cost. We have discussed some of the Factors Affecting the palm oil EFB pellet product.

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