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Different Types of Modern Interior Door Designs

by Darryl

Doors were originally designed to provide security and protection to a house. As interior decoration slowly gained popularity, attention was turned to other aspects of the house like the interior doors. Getting the right doors in your home can help amplify the space’s beauty and design. The best doors to incorporate in your home are modern interior doors.

Different Types of Modern Interior Doors

These modern interior doors are made from different material types. Each of these types can be incorporated as design ideas for your home space. Some of the most popular interior door material types include:

Wood interior door design

It is the first material used in making interior doors. Timber is known for its strength, and intricate designs. Most of these timber doors are carved, which allows the artist to skillfully make aesthetic design. In truth, they are the strongest natural material for making doors. This makes them more expensive than other engineered products.

Glass interior door design

Glass has always been a beautiful material for any interior décor. It was only a matter of time before they were an acceptable choice for making modern interior doors. Like with all glass material, glass doors are fragile and have to be handled with care to increase its lifespan.

A second point with glass doors is the area of maintenance. Regular and proper cleaning keeps them looking bright and elegant. They are a cheaper option than wood. The only major drawback with the use of glass as home interior doors is in the area of security. This led to the emergence of reinforced glass.

Fiberglass interior door design

Fiberglass is reinforced glass that makes glass material ideal for indoor use. It comes with all the perks of standard glass and eliminates the drawbacks. It is easier to maintain and does not break easily. Since they’re reinforced glass, they can be molded into any shape and size. They’re also cheaper than timber and standard glass.

Steel interior door design

Steel is a popular construction material because of its durability and strength. It is used to make exceptionally strong interior doors. It is used for the outer door material. It has its inner section insulated with foam material. They are slowly becoming the go-to doors for interior designs. Because of their strength and durability, they are often preferred to glass doors in spaces that need extra security.

Fiber reinforced plastic interior door design

They are the most recent material type in making interior doors. They are also known as FRP. These doors are manufactured in different colors. In terms of beauty, they’re not the prettiest doors among the other types of doors but they’re reliable. They require less maintenance and are generally lightweight. They’re designed to be corrosion-resistant and can survive all weather.


Doors have long evolved from just providing security and protection to being part of an interior décor. They are made with different materials and have a range of durability and strength. Timber doors are the first type of interior doors and have survived this long because of their durability and strength. Other materials were invented to counteract the high cost of timber. Whatever your choice, stick with a door that offers beauty, strength, and is durable.

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