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A Comprehensive Guide For Buying Polo Mallets

by Darryl

Polo is a historical game that is played in many regions of the world, including Europe. This game is played between two teams of four players. These players hit a ball with a polo mallet while riding on horseback.

A player must know how to ride a horse and precisely how to maintain balance on a horse while kicking the ball with a polo mallet.

Besides horse riding skills, a polo player requires the best quality polo mallet. It is necessary for a player to buy such a mallet that is durable enough to stay undamaged while he hits a ball with full strength.

Things To Consider Before Buying Polo Mallets:

Nowadays, a wide range of polo mallets is offered in the market. Before buying any mallet, you should consider the following points:


The most important thing to consider while buying a polo mallet is its material. Polo mallets are manufactured with various materials. The most widely used materials for making polo mallets are cane and composites.

It has been observed that the polo mallets that are manufactured with composites (fiber cane) are more durable than the cane polo mallets. The reason behind this fact is the consumption of low-quality cane by manufacturers to make these cane polo mallets. These mallets break very quickly.

Unlike cane polo mallets, fiber cane mallets are stronger and last longer than any other mallet. These mallets feature less vibration and the best grip with an innovative molded handle.


Another essential factor to be remembered while buying a polo mallet is its head. The head of the mallet is the most significant part as you have to hold the mallet through its head.

It would be best to buy a polo mallet with a solid wooden head. Such polo heads are not heavy and provide a durable and comfortable grip.


You should also check the shaft of the polo mallet before spending your money on it. It would be best to buy a polo mallet with a thin but durable shaft.

As shafts add to the mallet’s weight, you should avoid buying polo mallets with thicker shafts. Polo mallets with thick shafts are heavier and not best for hitting a ball speedily.


The length of the polo mallet is another vital aspect to consider while purchasing a polo mallet. You should select the mallet’s length according to your horse’s height.

If you buy a small mallet, you might not be able to hit the ball with full strength while riding on horseback.

In the market, you will find polo mallets with different length options, such as:

  • 51”
  • 52”
  • 53”
  • 54”

If you have a taller horse with above 15hh, then you should buy a mallet with 53″ length. However, 52″ mallets work best for most horses.


It will help if you buy a polo mallet by measuring its weight. The weight of the polo mallet greatly influences the shots. Usually, lightweight polo mallets are preferred for polo games as they are easy to hold and allow whole-strength ball hits.


If you want to win a polo game, you should buy a perfect polo mallet. The above points can help you in purchasing the best polo mallet.

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